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ICICI Lombard Launches App to Transform OPD Health Insurance

Published on 2018-01-27 08:01:19

Private sector general insurance firm ICICI Lombard launched a health insurance app – ‘IL TakeCare’ that takes cares of Outpatient (OPD) expenses of all its customers.

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The solution has been launched in collaboration with Practo, the leading healthcare platform.

“The app meets key customer requirements with respect to their primary healthcare needs. This includes hassle-free, real-time claim authentication of expenses such as doctor consultation, medical tests, pharmacy spends etc,” ICICI Lombard General Insurance, MD, Bhargav Dasgupta said.

It also empowers the user to access a cashless network comprising of specialised doctors, he said, adding that the app thus addresses a key problem of customers wherein they were hitherto required to pay for OPD expenses from their own pocket.
The app works in sync with Practo’s ‘Trinity’ technology to allow customers to make cashless visits to doctors, including those who operate stand-alone clinics, he said.

The app also allows users to book a network diagnostic centre for medical tests and receive the results on the app, which automatically becomes an online repository of medical records.

They can also buy medicines at discounted rates and pick them from a medical store or get delivery at their home, Dasgupta said.
“It comes with a one-time password (OTP) for all transactions via mobile or email and provides multiple access points for family members. The solution will be made available to customers with due consent of the regulator,” he said.

Speaking on the occasion, Practo CEO Shashank ND said, “We are launching our Trinity technology to help patients get a paperless and cashless consultation experience at neighbourhood clinics”.
It will also help the doctor community provide a better, more seamless experience to their patients. Trinity is an important step in our efforts to build a connected healthcare platform, he said.

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